July Stories Released~! “The Girl in the Glass Case” and Other Stories

July Stories Released~!



Til Death Do Us Party
Kelly Schrock
Bucky died hand-cuffed to a chair, trying to escape. Face brutalized almost beyond the point of recognition. Wrists oozing. When I show up, he’s still cuffed down. I think he spends the whole night that way. We’re all too afraid to touch him. What if he finds out he’s dead? How could you digest that kind of end? He looks like shit. The whole idea of getting your perfect body back when you die is bullshit. Read more…

Black Denim Lit #6: The Girl in the Glass Case
Call for Help
Zack Miller
She waited. As soon as Jenny was certain her caller had bled out, she stood up, put the rough rope noose over her head, and let her legs fall out from under her. She twitched against the rope for a good two minutes before her legs went limp. But, Spencer helped her to her feet and removed the noose from around her neck, almost falling over backwards in the process. She gasped for breath. He said, “We can’t have our top performer taking early retirement.” Read more…

Unfinished Things
Ethan Fast
“They put me down here,” Fell says, “to punish the ones they wanted to put down here later. Because they knew I couldn’t control it. They send down the others, and it’s terrible for everyone concerned.” Fell sighs. “You see I need you, to keep me living. It’s really quite simple.”  Read more…

What Pavel Found
Geoffrey W. Cole
The dead Turk’s mustache held its curl despite the early November downpour. Pavel pushed it aside, gripped the soldier’s false tooth with his pliers, and gave a tug. The wine-bottle pop was the sound of him becoming a richer man. With the tooth and the spoils he liberated from the other soldiers who littered the battlefield, he’d make enough. 1912 might not be such a wretched year after all. Read more…

The Girl in the Glass Case
Matthew Di Paoli
Fred stared into the glass case, wishing he could hold her. Her skin glowed even in the darkness, and the shadows of her lips moved slightly as if speaking, though he heard nothing. He figured she probably had a name of her own. She was slender. They were all made slender unless you special ordered. Short, shorter than he was. She had no belly button. He wondered if living in a glass case all your life gave you a different perspective on the human condition.  Read more…

Uncanny Valley
M.T. O’Byrne
The next day was Sunday. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. It wasn’t just that it was the robots’ day off, nor even that it was the day for some of them to go to dance class, it was the sound of the word: Sun-day. They all had decided (based on hours of philosophical discussion) that the word ‘Sunday’ was a happy word, at least in English. In Russian — voskresenye — it sounded like a day of praxis and prayer. And in German — Sonntag — it sounded like a day for calisthenics and self-criticism. Read more…

The Teachers Connection
T.D. Edge
At the end of a table, on her own, someone new, obvious by her gaze flicking constantly from her plate to the other people, hoping but also dreading someone more experienced in here would sit with her. He nearly didn’t, for her large green, curious eyes, long black hair and the challenge of her youth triggered his habit of not wanting to try. But this time… “Do you mind if I join you?” he said. Read more…

Local News
Benjamin Schachtman
He supposed he could get hit again, beaten, raped, maybe tossed in the back of … of a what? A Camaro, of course. He tried to picture a Camaro trunk full of drag-queens. It had become surprisingly easy not to take his life seriously, almost reflexively natural to dismiss threats, even legitimate ones. He was aware that this was dangerous, like fighting drunk where you couldn’t feel the injuries you were sustaining. He knew that free-fall and flight have the same strange feeling of stillness… Read more…

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Seven Brand New Stories

Black Denim Lit is a monthly journal of fiction available on the web and on all eReaders for free through BlackDenimLit.com. This month we brings together sixty pages of bold, intriguing new fiction from Oscar Windsor-Smith, Robert Carlton, Steven Crandell, Michael Fontana, Phil Richardson, Chad Greene and Craig Temple.

Black Denim Lit April, 2014

Black Denim Lit
April, 2014

A LESSON FROM THE ROAD Bob Carlton 1050 words. Ben considers his options and prejudices with a young hitchhiker.OUR IMMORTAL SOULS Phil Richardson 3800 words. Amanda and Corwin work out the details of how to comply with the negative population growth policies. “We could fake your death—say you jumped into a volcano. It would be hard but we could do it….”

MAPS AND MIRACLES Michael Fontana 1250 words “The snowman bore two blue stones for eyes, a carrot for a nose, and a crack pipe in what should have been its mouth.”

TAILING THE BLOND SATAN Oscar Windsor-Smith 2600 words. Officer Winston Morgan, a strapping broad-shouldered guy in a white sweatshirt and blue jeans works a coldcase that no one else will touch.

BEST BABY Craig Temple 650 words. A beleaguered mother pursues answers to what makes the best baby.

INTO OPEN HANDS Steven Crandell 2200 words. A widower considers his path, the complexity of societal expectation and precept when there is nothing left.

DRILL & KILL Chad Greene 5700 words. Mr. Black teaches his way through absurd post-9/11 era changes to the staff, faculty and students in his rural school.

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