Why do you need an F.A.Q. – are you HONESTLY asked these questions?
No, we’re not. We just like this format of getting to know someone. (updated Feb 28, 2014)

Who’s “we”?
I’m Christopher. There is also Spencer, Kathleen (editors) and slush-readers (Suzanne and Carol) helping out. We’re reviewing new slush reader applications this month to help with the load. (updated March 4, 2014)

Does the world seriously need another Lit Journal?
I think so. I’ve written for a long time, I have had my stuff published occasionally and I’ve read a lot of slush for a few other journals. We all have. We want to take a look at what we could do for the community to get better exposure for writers that we like. We want to get words out there to folks who are surprised by how approachable the material can be. That’s why we’re targeting print and electronic distribution, and we will take some risks to get that done. (updated March 6, 2014)

What risks?
Pretty quickly we realized that we could use Lulu to distribute all monthly issues as eBooks with little effort. This is beyond our original scope, but the community has been so supportive, reading and supporting the writers. (updated March 6, 2014)

Why are you entertaining “lit” along side “sci-fi”?
Purists can try to pigeonhole genre fiction, but in the end successful material both speaks to human condition and resonates with the reader. Writers like Ken Liu are injecting fresh authenticity into a medium that, frankly, on the genre side can trend to the silly and on the literature side can appear introspective and stuffy. In the end, if a writer offers something of lasting artistic merit then we’ll read it, genre or not. (updated March 6, 2014)

More to come.

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