Schedule Refreshed~!

We’re shifting to a rolling schedule that should facilitate staff scheduling needs around short bursts of availability, rather than a monolithic effort at the turn of every month. This should solve the publishing schedule problems we experienced over the winter.
Going forward, in general:
  • Stories are published in order of submission (not acceptance)
  • We’ll publish about 50,000 words a month, so long as benefactor funding holds out. If funding slows, then volume per month will be slowed, rather than stopped.
  • Stories are paid approximately 1 to 3 weeks in advance of publishing – Towards that end In general we’ll keep the “paid and scheduled” list at about 10 titles – meaning that every time the first on that list is published another one is taken from the schedule queue and paid.
  • We are pausing the effort to release of any new monthly eBook collections of the site’s stories in order to prioritize the website itself, author payments and release schedule. The eBooks simply don’t generate any revenue and cannot take precedence over other activity that will benefit authors directly.

Hopefully these changes will afford some predictability for all upcoming authors and get some regularity to the web schedule.


Call for editors to apply

A quick announcement – If you feel you could contribute time to reading new unpublished submissions please visit the website and spend some time reading and commenting on the example stories by way of application. If you are chosen for the staff, it would be your chance to interact with other authors over workshop-like feedback.

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Fantasy Coins from Fantasy Coin on Kickstarter

This is just the kind of thing I need to leave around my office and collector room, to keep me in the mood while I write.

The Grinning Skull

While I have the time off from sculpting and modelmaking tonight, I thought I’d catch up on doing some posts, this time a crowdfunding spotlight article featuring some rather nice coinage from Fantasy coin LLC. These lovely looking tokens are intended for use with everything from RPGs, Live Roleplaying games, board games and possibly even wargames (well, its feasable, you just have to work it out!)

I do like these tokens, even from a collectors viewpoint if I was a coin collector, I’d be tempted by these. Although their real uses lay in their application in the realms of LARP and RPGs, they are pretty shiny things so its no wonder they are almost up to being fully funded with this project.

On the downside, they are pretty expensive in my opinion, and even so they are nice things, I know how much it does cost to get stuff like…

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Please use amazon to review March, 2014 stories (no purchase necessary) . Here’s how:

We could use your help so we attract more readers to excellent authors, just like you. Following the breadcrumbs, to see our request:

  • We’re looking for more readers for our web stories.
  • We offer the web content for free to eReaders.
  • Tools like BookGorilla, Fussy Librarian (and Bookbub) promote our kind of eReader content, when we pay.
  • These services require at least some initial reviews on the Amazon page for the eReader content.
  • We’d like to ask our readers to rate and review this month’s eBook on the Amazon page.
  • You do NOT have to buy the item to rate and review–you just have to have bought something in the past there.

TL;DR: Please rate and review (or at least rate) the March, 2014 content of BlackDenimLit on Amazon at the following link: Black Denim Lit (March, 2014) on Amazon …  Again – no purchase required. You already read the three wonderful stories in this month’s issue found free here on the web.


Sean Monaghan’s story “Low Arc” wins a prize.

Congratulations Sean~!

Sean Monaghan - Writer

Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest
Though some of you already know, I’m still thrilled to announce that my short story “Low Arc” has won the Grand Prize in the 2014 Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest .

The contest is sponsored by Baen books in conjunction with the National Space Society to celebrate the role science fiction plays in advancing science.

The brief is to write a short story that shows the near future (no more than about 50-60 years out) of manned space exploration. I stuck my guy on the moon, with an orbitting Orion capsule, and a busted up lander. And I got to use the very cool word “pericynthion” (which I learned during reading up and preparing the story).

So my next step is to get myself to L.A. in May to pick up the trophy, and, as part of the prize, attend the 2014 International Space Development Conference. Very…

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