Schedule Refreshed~!

We’re shifting to a rolling schedule that should facilitate staff scheduling needs around short bursts of availability, rather than a monolithic effort at the turn of every month. This should solve the publishing schedule problems we experienced over the winter.
Going forward, in general:
  • Stories are published in order of submission (not acceptance)
  • We’ll publish about 50,000 words a month, so long as benefactor funding holds out. If funding slows, then volume per month will be slowed, rather than stopped.
  • Stories are paid approximately 1 to 3 weeks in advance of publishing – Towards that end In general we’ll keep the “paid and scheduled” list at about 10 titles – meaning that every time the first on that list is published another one is taken from the schedule queue and paid.
  • We are pausing the effort to release of any new monthly eBook collections of the site’s stories in order to prioritize the website itself, author payments and release schedule. The eBooks simply don’t generate any revenue and cannot take precedence over other activity that will benefit authors directly.

Hopefully these changes will afford some predictability for all upcoming authors and get some regularity to the web schedule.


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