Please use amazon to review March, 2014 stories (no purchase necessary) . Here’s how:

We could use your help so we attract more readers to excellent authors, just like you. Following the breadcrumbs, to see our request:

  • We’re looking for more readers for our web stories.
  • We offer the web content for free to eReaders.
  • Tools like BookGorilla, Fussy Librarian (and Bookbub) promote our kind of eReader content, when we pay.
  • These services require at least some initial reviews on the Amazon page for the eReader content.
  • We’d like to ask our readers to rate and review this month’s eBook on the Amazon page.
  • You do NOT have to buy the item to rate and review–you just have to have bought something in the past there.

TL;DR: Please rate and review (or at least rate) the March, 2014 content of BlackDenimLit on Amazon at the following link: Black Denim Lit (March, 2014) on Amazon …  Again – no purchase required. You already read the three wonderful stories in this month’s issue found free here on the web.



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